Larch or WPC (Wood plastic composite)?

planken-listv_01 Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of WPC and larch.


Features of mounting Planken from Siberian Larch

planken-listv_01 Planken is a type of dry planed board, which has no dowels or grooves, and the sides are rounded or bevelled. One of the most popular cladding are the Planken range from Larch. Thanks to the resin of this wood, the product does not rot and insects do not start. In itself, it is very durable, which is why it is often compared with oak. A rich colour and unusual wood drawings give each product a stylish and original look. (more…)

Varnish and Impregnation Sikkens – Features

sikkens_s_01Sikkens Wood Coatings is a division of AkzoNobel, an international-format holding company, a leader among the protective products for wooden structures in the European market. This is the highest quality wood protection. Their paintwork, oil and other protective mixtures are recommended for molded products from Siberian Larch and not only.


Wooden fence: examples and ideas

A wooden fence is a popular type of fencing site, which in addition to the protective function, serves as an element of landscape design. Unlike the construction of massive fences made of concrete, stone or brick, the installation of a wooden fence is cheaper, does not require the use of heavy equipment and significant physical effort. In addition, it is accompanied by minimal interference with the existing landscape of the site.


Products from a terrace board

ПатиоPatios and terraces are the most common products produced using a terrace, deck board from Siberian Larch.



Rules for laying a terrace board



Technologies for the production of terrace boards. We sell the best terrace boards from Siberian larch of our own production