Larch or WPC (Wood plastic composite)?

planken-listv_01Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of WPC and Siberian larch.

What material to choose from for my terrace?

1) Wood-polymer composite (WPC) is an almost completely artificial material created in America to compensate for the high cost of natural wood. Later, a fashion for it arose in Europe.

2) Siberian Larch – “The Tree of Eternity” (or Immortality). In Russia there are larch houses and churches with an estimated age of over 800 years. Perhaps the most famous example of such longevity is the use of larch wood in the construction of ancient Venice. 1000’s of trees submerged and tied together into the seabed provide the anchorage and foundation for the city itself.

In the table below you can see the difference when choosing a board for your terrace:

WPC Larch
Appearance Due to the uniformity of the surface it looks
Natural wood looks
Strength In the cold it becomes fragile Retains its strength in all conditions
Resistance to moisture and temperatures High thermal conductivity when the Temperature
gets hot, it’s impossible to walk barefoot.
There is an unpleasant odour especially noted in enclosed spaces.
Low thermal conductivity, always remains pleasant
to the touch
Fungal infection Stable Stable
Rot resistant Yes Yes
Maintenance Jet washing Every 5 years it is advisable to cover (oil, varnish, impregnation of treatments)
Price 30 – 60 £ 11 – 35 £

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