Terraced board from Northern Larch at affordable prices for projects large or small.
Terrace board larch
Terrace board larchSTT 3/1 143 mm, grade “A/B”STT 1/3 143 mm, grade “A/B”STT 3/1 95 mm, grade A/BSTT 3/1, grade A/B106906200_691650448079986_6136471236925636707_oFB_IMG_1589360934404


  • Thickness: 27 mm
  • Width: 120, 143 mm
  • Length: 3, 4, 5.1, 6 m
  • Humidity: 16-20%
  • Grade: C, А/В, Elite


STT 3/1

STT 1/3

    • STT 3/1 (from the top 5-7 teeth depending on the size) (from the bottom a rippled surface – corduroy)


  • STT 1/3 profile (on top of a rippled surface – corduroy) (bottom 5-7 teeth depending on size)


ProfileThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)GradePrice excl. VAT (GBP/m2)
STT 1/327120, 1433000, 4000, 5100A/B£36.45
STT 1/3271434000B/C£33.75
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Terraced board from larch at affordable prices for projects large or small.

The quality of our decking speaks for itself in being reliable and robust in storage, being easy to work with right to the finished article on day one and years down the line – when you use this material there is no need in thinking of replacement or patchwork repair – it’s a great thing to believe in a product as much as we do with our Northern Larch timber products. Sawn timber is done in-house from larch in Minsk, so prices are kept low passing the savings onto you! Due to its high performance properties, a Northern larch terrace deck can be used in the finishing of buildings in any climatic conditions. The timber is highly versatile in terms of temperature changes and high humidity. It is used for decking out verandas, terraces, in the furnishing of baths and open balconies.

Installation of the terrace board:

Installation of the terrace board is carried out in two ways: open and hidden. An open method of installation is the most common. This is due to its simplicity and ease, saving time on styling. Most often as a fixing element used self-tapping screws with anti-corrosion coating. However, one of the main drawbacks of this method of laying a terrace board is that the screws remain visible, which undoubtedly spoils the aesthetics of the appearance of the coating. Or go for the flush mounting technology.

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