stb 0.0 68x45mm
STB-1-1-70Laying on the substrateFloor Beams 68x45mmFloor Beams 68x45mmFloor Beams 68x45mm


  • Thickness: 45 mm
  • Width: 68 mm
  • Length: 2.5, 3, 6 m
  • Grade: С, А/В


STB 1/1

STB 0/0

    • Floor boards for installation of a terraced board with structurally applied grooves for the water stack.


  • For the purpose of durability and reliability it is highly recommended to lay the deck board on a Siberian larch floor beams.


ProfileThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)GradePrice excl. VAT (GBP/m2)
STB 1/1
STB 0/0
45682500, 3000, 5100, 6000A/B£56.25
STB 0/0
27453000, 4000, 5100B/C£32.40
STB 0/0
27453000, 4000, 5100A/B£37.80

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Beams chosen for a Terrace Deck need to be tough just as or even more so than the decking itself – so why not choose Northern Larch also to make the structure underneath that will hold the deck in place, spread the load evenly and be equally as robust in any kind of weather it is exposed in. Our beams will keep the shape and beauty of your decking area for many years to come. The timber performs the following functions: 1. Level the surface under the finishing layer; 2. Evenly distribute the load on the base; 3. Increase the strength of the floor covering. The life of the future floor depends on the quality of the timber. Therefore, the selection of components for flooring must be taken with maximum responsibility.


The terrace deck and deck board are used to improve the local area, open areas and sites that are exposed to negative moisture and temperature changes. Therefore, when choosing a beam for the installation of coatings, serious requirements are imposed on the starting material. Due to unsurpassed characteristics of Northern Larch, this wood is successfully used for the production of lining, timber and other lumber, which are designed for long-term operation under the most unfavourable conditions. ​ Moisture, affecting the structure of larch, does not destroy the wood, but only strengthens it. The popularity of Northern larch is determined by the following factors: 1. Absence of propensity to decay – due to the high resistance to moisture, moisture and temperature differences, logs from such wood do not need to be subjected to additional chemical treatment. No need to use antiseptics, even if the timber is not dried; 2. Excellent strength of wood – in this indicator, larch is superior to oak. This feature is due to high density & hardness. 3. High antiseptic properties – beams for floor from larch are resistant to microorganisms, insects, rodents; 4. Durability is more than 100 years – during the whole operation the material retains the original properties; (Class 3 according to BS EN 350-2) 5. High resistance to fire – in larch this indicator is twice as high as in comparison with pine;( (EN14915) Euroclass F (Untested). D-s2, d0) 6. Relatively low price – in spite of excellent characteristics, it is relatively inexpensive to buy beams for larch floors, and you will be assured of the quality of the products purchased. Ideal for arranging the cover of a terrace or deck board. The assembled design will last several decades and will not create difficulties in the process of operation.

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