Larch timber, which can be bought from our company, is a 100% solid wood.

larch lining
liningSTV 0/3 143 mmSTV 0/3 120 mm


  • Thickness: 14 mm
  • Width: 87(94) mm
  • Length: 2.5, 3 m
  • Humidity: 10-14%
  • Grade: А/В, Elite


STV 0/3

Lining is a popular finishing material used for external and internal cladding of your home.


ProfileThickness (mm)Width (mm) working (overall)Length (mm)GradePrice excl. VAT (GBP/m2)
STV 0/31487 (94)2500, 3000Elite£23.80 (£22.03) (out of stock)
STV 0/3 INTERIOR USE ONLY12.586 (96)2000A/B£16.50


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Lining is a popular finishing material used for external and internal cladding of your home.
If you prefer to catch a light fir balsam in your house, rather than a persistent chemical smell of building materials made of PVC, then the lining of Siberian Larch is for you.
Lining made of Siberian Larch is the best finishing material for walls and ceilings of buildings, exterior cladding of houses, cottages, balconies, arbours. It is environmentally friendly, beautiful, easy to install, which, moreover, has super strength and durability, excellent thermal insulation and excellent noise reductions.
Our products are made from solid wood and meet all operational requirements.

The equipment, on which the sheathing material is manufactured, allows to achieve the ideal quality of the front surface. The lining of our company is equipped with lateral connections “spike-groove”, which greatly simplifies the installation process and increases the durability of the cladding structure.


Boards from this tree are indispensable for finishing the country house and apartment balcony. The natural properties of wood, such as resistance to decay and high strength, make lining from Siberian larch to one of the most durable finishing materials.

Due to its properties, wooden cladding material is also actively used in rooms with high humidity, such as swimming pools, rest rooms in baths and saunas, and the pronounced texture and warm shades of sawn timber will provide an opportunity to create cosiness and a healthy natural atmosphere in the house.

Lining made of Siberian Larch, bought from us, is also perfect for finishing the facades of buildings. withstands sudden temperature changes from -50 to +50 degrees. This wood is unique in that it contains a large amount of gum. That is why this material is resistant to high humidity changes, mould and fungus.


If you have decided on the main material, you can proceed to the next preparatory stage – planning the interior of the room, considering its future use, the choice of insulation materials and upholstery. Do not hurry, it is better to look at several different options, not on the “picture on the Internet”, but “in nature” from friends or neighbours.

There are a lot of direct secrets and nuances of applicating, which we can’t fit in one article. You can find a lot of materials on the net, you can acquire certain theoretical knowledge.
But our advice is this: if you have never done anything in practice, do not experiment, invite professionals.
But you still decided to do everything yourself, then our manual, perhaps, will help you.

Before starting the installation, it is necessary to cover the lumber with lacquer, after such treatment the wooden cladding will look better and its service life will increase many times.
The timber can be nailed directly to the wall or ceiling, provided that the surface is flat, but most often, the rails are attached to the surface, and then the sheathing material is nailed.

If you plan to arrange the lining vertically, then the wall must be cut by horizontal slats with a distance of 0.5-1 m., And if you choose a horizontal direction for finishing, then the slats, on the contrary, must be positioned vertically.

Thanks to the joint, the stud-groove can be easily lined with a lining, fastened with nails or self-tapping screws.
If you have any question please feel free contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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