General questions

The region for the supply of raw materials for our production

The region for the supply of raw materials for our production is Irkutsk region. (Lake Baikal region) and Krasnoyarsk Territory (Angara River coast).

How can I know that I’m buying Siberian Larch from you?

To begin, let’s decide what exactly will be evidence for you. For some, this is a certificate of origin of wood, for some it is the conclusion of an expert laboratory on structural analysis of wood, for some it is the competent opinion of a familiar person.

Since 2013, an EU Timber Regulation called EUTR was introduced (Prior to anything FSC related) in Europe and a number of other countries, restricting access to illegally harvested wood, according to which the Supplier is prohibited from supplying. Illegally harvested wood – Wood harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights, wood harvested in forests where high environmental values are exposed threat in the process of forest use, wood harvested in areas converted to plantations or non-forest lands, wood from forests where genetically modified species are grown, and if it is not possible to prove / track the origin of the wood.

Our company has been exporting products to EU countries for a long time. We are very principled and attentive to these requirements, we are not involved in “gray supplies” and we have all the documents on the origin of the raw materials, up to costly examinations and genetic studies of wood samples. Every year, our company confirms all documents for European partners. We are happy to provide you with any documentation at your request.

Can I order from you the raw materials or finished products from Siberian Larch of non-standard sizes?

Yes. Depending on the presence (or absence) of material in the warehouse, the delivery time can vary from 1 day to 2 months. We can profile any design the customers have.

What kind of board should I choose?

You can determine this based on your own preferences and budget. We ship a large volume of products for export, and the criteria for sorting at the factory are made taking into account this factor. So, products of the AB variety are shipped to Europe, in which an unlimited number of healthy knots are allowed, exactly the same AB variety is also available on the domestic market. Elite is the most expensive class of products, in which defects and knots are practically not allowed on the front side of the board, with some exceptions. The most inexpensive grade C. Sorting is carried out at the stage of exit of finished products from the machine. If a defect is found on the board that does not make it into AB grade, the board is automatically put off to grade C. But this does not mean at all that flaws will be present along the entire length of the board. Due to the presence of our own export-oriented production, we often encounter situations when our grade C is not inferior in quality to products sold in the domestic market with a grade of BC or AB.

More detailed information on sorting criteria can be found in the corresponding section of our website.

Do I need to process larch (is it necessary to care for a larch board)? Is it true that larch “twists”? …

It is necessary to realize that Siberian Larch is still a natural material and, of course, it is characterized by the properties of natural materials. The tree during operation is influenced by many factors, mainly among them are: Climatic (UV – radiation, Humidity, Wind loads, Oxygen) and Biological (Fungal infections, damage by Insects, Bacteria and Algae). The destruction process is laid down by Nature itself to maintain the ecological balance, therefore, under natural conditions, wood, over time, is destroyed to carbon dioxide and water – the simplest chemical compounds. The only question is how long it will take for each particular wood species. This is one of the most important and well-known advantages of Siberian Larch – the ability to withstand the above factors for as long as possible. However, this does not mean that this breed does not require any maintenance and, by default, larch is an eternal material.

Caring for a larch board, as well as any exterior product, is required. With low pollution, usual dry cleaning is sufficient. In the future, depending on the degree of contamination or the nature of the contamination, use a low pressure washer when cleaning the coating; if you do not have it, use water from a hose. Try to remove grease stains immediately after they appear. Remember that old pollution is much more difficult to remove. If necessary, you can use special detergents that do not contain chemicals (Bleaches, Ammonia, Volatile organic compounds –VOC’s) – Environmentally friendly cleaners. Please note that terrace decking in light colours and shades, as well as brushed surfaces, require more thorough and frequent care.

With regard to Geometric deformations: even with proper installation using specially designed fasteners, in the first two or three years of operation, there may be cases (it is not at all necessary that this will actually happen) when the board is turned out or torn off by torsional forces. However, this is all removable, the board can be pulled and secured back, in the most extreme case – replaced.

Particular attention must be paid to the storage of product before direct installation. So, products intended for outdoor use should be stored in dry, ventilated (unheated !!!), warehouses (rooms) packed in bags or stacks. Storage in open areas is allowed if packages (piles) are protected by waterproof paper or film. Storage conditions should be identical along the entire length of the product. Storage of products intended for outdoor use in residential, heated premises is not allowed!

In addition, the qualifications of the builders and their experience in working with wood in general and with larch in particular play a large role in the installation. We are sure that with the right approach to business and observing the above rules, larch will serve you for many years, without creating problems during operation and delighting you with its beauty.