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What is the best way to sand a board so that it absorbs oil better?

Eccentric sander, abrasive grade P80-P100..

Why is it necessary to “paint” a board from two sides? Can it cover enough from the front?

In order to level the stresses that occur when the coating dries. When covering only the decorative part, the chance of the “Boat” effect from the side of the exploited surface increases.

In addition, all antiseptics, as a rule, are washed out after 1-2 months. operation, therefore, it is necessary to protect all sides at least in one layer, and the exploited surface, as well as the technological connection between the boards (tenon, groove, groove-comb, etc.) must be processed as many times (layers) as it is Recommended by the manufacturer of coatings.

Having studied in practice the operational properties of various compositions, we offer our customers solutions based on Sikkens, which are the most well-established with our products

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I want to cover the terrace board in my own color and I am afraid the cover might spoil the structure of the tree?

Larch has a very bright texture to the board, it is impossible to spoil it even when applying opaque impregnations.

We are ready to offer you more than 80 proven color shades from the Sikkens “Never ending impressions” water-based palette, which will emphasize the structure of the board and satisfy the most demanding of client.

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I’m worried about fire safety, what do you say about this?

However, it has been experimentally proved that the fire resistance of wooden structures made of Siberian larch is much higher than the fire resistance of metal-plastic and wood-polymer structures*. For comparison: wood-polymer structures at high temperatures lose their properties in fractions of a second, while the tree begins to carbonize gradually, respectively, gradually loses its bearing capacity. It is proved that the fire resistance of Siberian Larch is two times higher than that of Pine. *