The facade board (decking) made of  Northern larch is the best solution! Our company sells its own timber. In our work we use only modern equipment and high-quality raw materials.
STP-0-0-95STP-0-0-120Flower pot AB grade plankenFlower pot planken AB gradeSTP 0/0 95 mm


  • Thickness: 20 mm
  • Width: 95, 120, 143 mm
  • Length: 3, 4, 5.1 m
  • Humidity: 16-20%
  • Grade:  А/В


STP 0/0

STP 0/3

STP 1/3

    • Board sheathed (plank smooth), STP 0/0


  • Sheathed board (plank) STP 0/3


ProfileThickness (mm) Width (mm)Length (mm)GradePrice excl. VAT (GBP/m2)
STP 0/020143, 953000, 4000, 5100A/B£30
STP 0/0201433000, 4000, 5100, 5700B/C£26

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How do you imagine your home? Undoubtedly cosy and comfortable, beautiful and functional, durable and reliable. To realize the dreams of a better home, it is important to immediately understand what materials will help to translate the idea into reality. Our company offers the ideal material for facing works, exterior and interior walls, fences, flooring, garden paths, bathhouses, arbours and outdoor areas – a facade board made of Northern larch, or plank. Planken is a facade board with a smooth surface and bevelled edges. Due to this processing, rounded edges are obtained, and this sawn timber gives the overall design of the building an original and attractive appearance. You can use it both in buildings of classical type, and in modern design solutions. The timber will look fresh and unusual, and the beautiful texture of Northern Larch will allow the house to look harmonious among natural landscapes and to attract a look in urban conditions.


Many lumber for cladding works (block house, lining) are attached by joining the groove and the ridge. This type of connection when used for outdoor work is often subject to deformation due to temperature fluctuations and moisture drops during snowfall, rainy or frosty weather. The lining starts to warp and twist. On the other hand, it is not easy to replace the edging board with the groove-groove connection. The lining can jam when deformed. When installing planken from Northern larch, bought from us, you need to fix it. The facade board is laid a short distance apart, forming a ventilated structure. Now wood under the influence of external stimuli can “play” without loss of stability. Therefore, structures made of such material will last much longer than traditional, conventional types of wood. Planken from Northern larch does not need additional processing and is not prone to infestation. A pleasant aroma of natural boards will please and soothe you. The woody smell of this type of tree is believed has a beneficial effect on the human immune system and is known to be an excellent prevention of respiratory diseases. If you have any question please feel free contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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