You can buy a deck board from Northern larch at a low price but still achieve great looks with lasting appeal to the elements.
Terrace board larch
Terrace board larchSTT 0/0 143 mm, grade EliteSTT 0/0 120 mmSTT 0/0 143 mm, grade A/B, company “Rosignol” head officelarch terraceDeck board, garden bar116906219_2769768880015055_7486241397645652774_n


  • Thickness: 27 mm
  • Width: 120, 143 mm
  • Length: 3, 4 m
  • Humidity: 16-20%
  • Grade:  А/В


STT 0/0

STT 0/3

    • Board deck (smooth) STT 0/0 profile classic (smooth on both sides)


  • Board deck, terrace profile STT 0/3 (smooth top) (5-7 teeth from the bottom depending on the size, to relieve internal stresses)


ProfileThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)GradePrice excl. VAT (GBP/m2)
STT 0/0
271433000, 4000, 5100A/B£33.75

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You can buy a deck board from Northen larch at low prices whilst still achieving great looks with lasting appeal to the elements.

Deck board from Larch – an excellent option for environmentally covering an area e.g. Facade decoration, garden paths, cover near ponds or swimming pools et al. Deck board (smooth) is a non-punctured sawn timber with a smooth machined surface and rounded facets on the front side. Wood of this type is widely used in shipbuilding and the construction of coastal structures for more than 400 years. Our ancestors especially appreciated the deck board for the beauty of  larch wood and its texture. Deck boards from Siberian larch are ideally suited for flooring and indoor (saunas, baths), and outside (terraces, paths, pavilions, piers, etc.). Since it is laid in such a way that there is a short distance between the floorboards, this type of floor will perfectly serve in rooms where constant ventilation and drying are required due to possible stagnation of water. It is also ideal for the construction of capes, wharves and river bridges.

Deck board: purchase and stacking

Wood from larch has some unique qualities, it is durable, resistant to high humidity and temperature changes. Buying wood from us will get you a beautiful look and finish, not requiring special care coverage for your home. Floors will last you for many years, all you have to do is admire it. Created by nature and processed by man, larch wood is perfect for the most complex and crowded buildings. Such structures will be resistant to wear & mechanical damage, no rot, no dirt, no infestation = no worries.

Benefits of using decking from Larch:

  • An environmentally friendly product with a gentle forest aroma;
  • Strong, does not require constant special treatment;
  • Easy to care for;
  • Durable, able to withstand the test of time in exposure to water and frost;
  • A unique, elite cover that will serve you for many years!

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